Sunday, March 23, 2014


People are fucking pathetic. I had to change who can comment on this blog to registered users only. Apparently I can't even vent on my own blog without idiot accusing me of "complaining."

It's funny, because it seems like people like this are not happy unless they are tearing others down. It also shows me that these pathetic idiots don't take the time to understand the point of this blog or BPD. This blog is a place for me to vent, and get out what's in my head.

So hey, fuck you dumb, ignorant, insensitive pieces of shit. Don't fucking sit here all high and mighty thinking you're better than me. You're not. The mere fact you need to hide behind an Anon label proves you're a pathetic coward.

Venting is not "complaining" and you need to seriously shut the fuck up. It's hilarious that you spend your time trolling people's blogs, not bothering to read the descriptions. Maybe you should stop "complaining" about what people post on their blogs, hmm?

Seriously, your lack of compassion proves you're just an ignorant moron.

Maybe try learning some empathy? Try understanding BPD.

Oh and then shove your opinion up your ass.

Piece of shit.

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